Police Heads up! Civilians too---. Online training at a steal - (Knoxville)

Posted on: 12/16/17


Want to finally get fit?? It's time!! ------------------------------- I am NSCA-CPT (National Strength and Conditioning Association-certified personal trainer),TSAC-F (tactical, specializing in police fitness). I am ex-elite level USA Gymnastics. We KNOW how to train! ------------------------------- To get a GOOD DEAL: **You need to train (virtual training with me!) 3 times a week!!** For 2 months! You have to be committed. Work ethic is required.... And I'll get you to your goals (maybe not all of them in 2 mos, we have to be realistic ) You have to pay one month ahead. At $13 a session.....that's awesome! So: $156 (flat) upfront per month. (No meal plans) You can also talk with me about twice a week training!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ You will STILL need a consultation. These are $10 flat ($0 for law enforcement. And for all: email ahead of time because I need a recent blood pressure slip, will explain.) **My rates are extra flexible for Law Enforcement.https://www.facebook.com/DefiantPersonalTraining/https://defiantpersonaltraining.wordpress.com/about/

Ad Number: 21065830